Today, I had a coaching session with a friend. We’ve decided to trade coaching sessions with one another as we complement each other pretty well, and it’s always good to have someone to talk to.

We talked about a job, and she asked me if it was worth ‘it’. It being the money I get, the time, effort, late nights and energy I put in.

I didn’t have an answer at first, so I went silent. She started comparing it to a job she has, where she should be payed a bit more for it to be worth it in…

Removing fragility doesn’t mean something becomes antifragile. It means you’ve removed fragility. Afragile as some would say, or robust.

I’ve been working with a company doing educational material on private finance for little over a year now. During that time, I’ve picked up on a bunch of things regarding my personal finances, just as well as on running a company.

My boss has been running his own companies for almost 20 years, and he’s never had a regular employment himself. What’s really interesting about the business model they have now is that they’re running almost completely on crowdfunding from Patreon.

They’ve reached a critical mass where they don’t have to have any commercials in their podcast, nor on their…

Där satt hon under det stora trädet, i skuggan, och gjorde bröd över en eld. Aldrig någonsin har Malmö känts så mycket som utomlands som då.

Jag har en vana av att gå promenader. Vid min förra lägenhet så hade jag en slinga som jag nog gått 200 gånger de senaste 4 åren på nästan precis 3 kilometer. Att gå promenader är min meditation. Jag kommer på mina bästa idéer när jag är ute, och mår generellt väldigt bra av att gå.

Nu har jag hittat två slingor som båda tar en timme vardera, beroende på hur snabbt jag går…

För några dagar sedan fick jag träffa min flickväns kompis för första gången. Vi har inte interagerat så mycket med folk utanför våra absolut närmsta cirklar på grund utav pandemin, men nu fanns det glömd sprit att lämna över.

Vi satt och tog en kopp te, pratade om vad som händer i livet. Kompisen pratade om sin utbildning och uppgiften hon skrev på just nu. Sedan frågade hon mig vad jag hittar på, vad jag har för sysselsättning.

Jag tittade på Elsa frågande, och hon sa snabbt att hon försökt förklara, men inte kunde. Så jag började med att säga…

T: Should I keep enough capital here so I could come back?

J: No. The option is of negative value.

- I thought options were always of positive value?

- No, not on a creative path.

— Jim Collins on Tim Ferriss

In finance, option value is a concept that points to problematise the amount of your total capital that you are invested with. That is, do you have options to take other actions, and what’s that option worth to you?

In the interview with Jim Collins, Ferriss asks him what the option value of having a buffer in different…

I’ve had worries over money, in various degrees, for the past year and a half. It’s been quite stressful at times. I’ve had periods in which I didn’t know where I’d get money for rent. I’ve had 5 different sources of income in about 12 months. And to a large extent, I’ve been employing myself. From now on out, I’m the only one responsible for my own income.

It’s an interesting scare and stress factor, money. It’s so incredibly real and utterly abstract all at the same time. There’s nothing to touch yet all you touch is derived from money…

What’s really needed for independence? I think there are a couple of things that need to be in place, depending on the area of relation. Physical independence isn’t the same as mental independence.

I started re-reading “7 Habits of highly Effective People” today. It popped up in my Audible-feed and I felt it was time for a revisit. In the first chapter, the introduction to the 7 habits, the author speaks about independence, and the paradigm of interdependence. It struck me that I’ve been quite dependant on others lately, or at least I’ve felt dependant.

For the majority of the…

There’s immense strength in being consistent. When looking at success, it’s one of the best predictors, regardless of the field we’re in. Consistency is key.

I’ve had some difficulty wrapping my head around what I do for a living for the past couple of weeks. It’s a really luxurious problem to have, because my income isn’t really dependant on me knowing. As a professional generalist, I do almost anything that’s being thrown my way.

I’ve been thinking about what some of the success factors could be, being a professional generalist. …

Innan matcherna när jag spelade fotboll så höll vår tränare en monolog. Det var ofta en blandning av taktik, pepp och att få gruppen fokuserad. Det var en magisk stund att sitta tillsammans och ha en enda grej i huvudet. Totalt fokus.

Inför en av matcherna kommer jag ihåg att vår tränare berättade om motståndarlaget, Uppåkra. Han berättade att han hade varit på en av deras matcher för någon vecka sedan, för att scouta. De skulle vara stora. Beskrivningen sitter fortfarande.

“Det är bonnapojkar som ätit gödsel och gröt till frukost sedan de var 2. De är stora och kan…

A couple of friends have asked be about my opinions on clubhouse now that more of them have gotten access.

From a very personal point of view, I could see that clubhouse isn’t for me. I barely pick up the phone when I’m the one calling. I don’t thrive in conversations with groups larger than three people. And I don’t really have any urge to talk to strangers over the internet.

Having said that, I know a couple of people who love engaging in conversations in a clubhouse setting, whether on clubhouse or not. …

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