Life is so similar to all living things

I haven’t written anything like this in a long time. The past year and a half, and particularly the past half year has brought a lot of time for reflecting, and a lot of things to reflect on.

I just saw a bumblebee on my balcony. It flew in, and crashed straight to the floor, struggling to get anywhere. It was trying to get off the floor for a while, flying around. Some times it hovered just above, landing on its back having to use its wings to get back up on its legs.

I was reminded of how life is so similar to all living things.

We’re all trying to solve problems that we perceive. Be that getting off the floor of someones balcony that you happened to end up in, buying a stock that you think will grant you financial freedom or having to refiniach for the sun because that’s where you get your energy.

We’re all problem solvers. All living things try to solve problems.

I often forget why I try to solve the problems I’m faced with. Sometimes I even forget what the problem behind the problem is, even thought I’m staring in to it.

Almost all problems that man kind has today are created by ourselves. They’re created through our ability to mentalise, to think complex thoughts.

That’s a relief to me, especially as I’m faced with problems that seem hard. Because they’re all a fiction of our beautiful fantasy.

And I’d much rather have my problems than the problems that the bumblebee was trying to solve.




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