Don’t ask the sun for mercy

I’ve bee deeply immersed in both the Dune and Star Wars universes lately, reading the books and watching the spinoff series respectively. And of course reading up on the connections between the two similar worlds.

There are many takeaways for me from the epic content. There are quotes, pieces of tankespjärn and loads of things that are applicable in real life.

One of the quotes that I’ve picked up on from Dune is this one:

You do not ask the sun for mercy. – Stilgar, Dune Messiah

The Fremen are deeply adaptable to their climate. They have all the odds against them in thriving on Arrakis, yet they do. They adapt to the challenges.

Picking up on extreme ownership, that’s what they have and take. It’s the mindset they apply. They don’t blame the sun for being hot nor the desert for being dry. They even take responsibility for adapting to the giant sand worms, shai-hulud.

They adapt. Take responsibility, and don’t ask of their climate to be kinder but for themselves to be stronger.




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