Starting and finishing on plus.

I haven’t finished a day on plus in a very long time. Neither have I started a day on plus in a very long time. That is, I haven’t been enough on a single given day in that time. And that’s a problem.

Working with something like I do is challenging at times. It’s infuriating to never be done. It’s also what I love about doing what I do, that there’s no stop to it. But right now, it’s cracking my energy vault open.

What to do at that point is to make a surplus for yourself. Setting limits, and getting to work on them. Here are some that I try continually:

  1. Task oriented work. Setting a number of tasks for every day that are to be done no matter what.
  2. Time oriented work. I set off time to work on each project, and work only that time on that project.
  3. Routine based work. I work as much as I can, pretty chaotically, with regards to my routines. For example, I don’t fuck with my morning routine of reading for an hour, or my exercising time.

What these do is that they create a feeling of sticking to a plan. They give me some sort of feeling of having control over what’s happening. Which usually surpress the feeling of being overwhelmed.




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