The more happening, the more is changing.

I’m having a jam packed week, with a lot of meetings every day. At times those weeks are overwhelming, not only from all of the meetings, but just as well from the workload that comes with having meetings. But what I think is most straining on me is the fact that a lot of things change when a lot of things are happening.

We have to deal with change — all of us. The world outside will, with or without us, continue to develop. We don’t have to keep up, but we need to be aware, and adjust. We don’t need to have the latest iPhone, but we will become painfully aware that the buses only accept payment through a smartphone.

The same goes for your life. The more you have going on, the more things will change. That is, both on a macro and micro scale. The more things you have happening for you, the more opportunities will open for you, which might take you all kinds of directions. But the more you have happening for you, the more will change on a day to day basis. Meetings will be cancelled, fires will pop up and people will show up in your circle.

What I want to say is this: Get used to the change if you want a bunch of stuff happening around you. Because it’ll be there whether or not you like it.




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